Her Little Miracle

Unless you have counted the days that have passed trying to conceive naturally, you can not imagine her patience and strength. Unless you have seen the single line on the pregnancy test, you have not felt her sadness. Unless you have pierced your skin multiple times with the hormone injection, you have not felt her pain. Unless you have been told, “it didn’t work this time”, you have not felt her longing.

After trying to have a baby naturally for a year and a half, Maggie and her husband decided to see a doctor. They were told by five doctors that they would never be able to conceive a child naturally. Reality soon set in that IVF would be their only option.

The actual IVF process is so brutal and really hard. Each step of the way is so nerve-racking. There is a lot of waiting, hoping, and praying. —Maggie

The doctor was able to retrieve three healthy embryos. Unfortunately, the first transfer didn’t work. Maggie was heartbroken, but determined to try another. The second transfer was successful! The entire pregnancy was stressful for her. She felt anxious and just wanted to hold her little baby in her arms. Thankfully, she was able to carry and deliver a healthy baby boy!

A few years later, Maggie and her husband wanted to implant the third embryo. The third embryo had been frozen for two years and was a little girl. They had loved her and prayed for her over those two years and were excited to have a little girl join their family.

They were completely devastated after finding out that the third transfer had failed, and they had lost their little girl.

Maggie and her husband moved states, and decided to start their IVF journey over. She found a new clinic, and started the pretesting and procedures over again.

I was waiting for my period to start so that I could begin all the drugs to do another egg retrieval. The doctors were monitoring my blood levels and knew exactly when I ovulated. My period never came. I called the doctor to tell her I was pregnant and she basically told me to prepare for a miscarriage because there was no way my baby was going to be healthy. My second son was born healthy, and is considered to be an ‘assisted ovulation’ baby. —Maggie

After their second birth, they had no plans to start any more IVF treatments to have a third child. For the time being, they were content with their family of four and thankful for their two little boys.

A little over a year later, Maggie felt a familiar feeling; it couldn’t be. Five doctors had told her it was IMPOSSIBLE. She recollected on the years of tears and struggle and heartache her family had endured trying to conceive naturally.

Miracles exist. They happen everyday.

On July 5, 2019, Maggie and her husband found out the were pregnant with a baby girl. That baby girl was the miracle they had prayed for. That baby girl defied the odds and stunned the doctors. That baby girl was conceived naturally.

It definitely all worked out like it was supposed to. —Maggie

To all the women still in the waiting period,

You’re not alone- tons of people go through infertility. Don’t be afraid to talk to people about it; find a support group. DON’T GIVE UP! —Maggie

This is the tightrope that Maggie walks.

What tightrope do you walk?

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