She Chose Progress, Not Perfection

A woman’s body is a beautiful temple; each one different and unique. Our bodies are constantly changing and evolving based on the stage of life we are in. This is especially true of women in the childbearing age; ages 12-51.

OBGYN’s recommend women gain 25-35 pounds, but few advise you on your weight after pregnancy. If you are breastfeeding, you keep your fingers crossed that you will loose the extra baby weight you gained over the last 9 months by just lifting your baby everyday and burning calories through constant nursing. No one tells you what to expect from your body and your weight postpartum.

Like all moms, Tiffany experienced the sleepless nights, overtired days, and a fussy baby. After she went back to work, she struggled to breastfeed her son. She found it difficult to find time during the day to eat, and found it difficult to produce enough breastmilk. When she would get home from work, she was too tired to cook and usually picked up fast food for her family. Tiffany was trying to balance motherhood, her marriage, work and school, and soon found herself binge eating.

As my son grew up, I put all my energy into caring for him. After a few years, I noticed myself in a picture and thought there was something wrong with the camera; a bad angle. I had gained 100 pounds since becoming pregnant. — Tiffany

Tiffany was determined to change her life around. On her first hike, she could barely take 10 steps uphill without her legs and lungs burning. Hiking became a healthy obsession for her. She chose to set goals for herself and felt proud after each one she accomplished.

I went from hiking 1-2 miles, to hiking 15 miles in a day. I lost 111lbs. I became a beast. Unfortunately, taking care of myself took a toll on my marriage and it ended. I have no regrets. —Tiffany

She chose to exchange fast food for homemade healthy meals and TV time for gym time.

Hiking feeds my soul and makes me happy. I finally have ‘me time’, for the first time in a long time. — Tiffany

This is the tightrope that Tiffany walks.
What tightrope do you walk?

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