I really had to think about what I want for 2020. I wanted something more than just a goal or a resolution; something deeper.

I want to be more positive, and really look at the glass half full each day; challenging days or not. I want to break out of my shell. I want to let go of my fears and work on my anxiety. I want to meet more stay at home moms and have more play dates. I don’t want to worry about germs or my son’s fever syndrome constantly. I want to find something that I enjoy for myself; whether that’s a part time job, or more days in the month devoted to self care.

I want to find more things that I’m good at, and not be afraid to smile and feel proud when I succeed or cry if I don’t. I want to have more patience with myself. I need to cut myself more slack. I need to remind myself that I’m doing my best and giving my all during the days and nights; whether as a mom or as a wife. I need more moments during the day where I remember to remind myself that my son loves me and my efforts. I need to remember to remind myself that he forgives me when I loose my temper. I need to kick mom guilt to the curb and start a new chapter in my journey as a mom.

In 2020, I want to work on myself; that’s ok to admit.⁣

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