Self Love

Little ears are listening, watch what you say. Little eyes are watching, be careful what you do. I’m pretty sure all of us are guilty of thinking or talking down to ourselves.

The nagging voice in your head telling you your body isn’t as pretty as it was before getting pregnant. The need to model our parenting after others. Feeling extremely overwhelmed with the stage of life we are in.

Sometimes, it seems like we will never be good enough to successfully raise those tiny little humans. The tiny little humans we have now, eventually grow up to have their own thoughts and feelings. They imitate what is being modeled to them. If we don’t love ourselves, how can we expect them to love who they are?

Growing up Cassie always thought poorly of herself. As a small child, her mother struggled with substance abuse. Cassie didn’t feel that she was worthy or deserving of love. Those negative thoughts followed her into adulthood.

She has three children. Her oldest daughter is about to become a teenager. The teenage years are rough. Her daughter’s inner voice started to scream, “DISSATISFACTION!” Cassie realized that her daughter was imitating how she had been feeling about herself for over a decade.

Cassie was determined to break the cycle. But change is hard and takes time. Cassie learned to love herself by teaching her daughter to love herself. Loving herself meant working on herself. Cassie started going to therapy to help work through the feelings of the past. To help her daughter, she filled the house with Post-It notes covered in positive affirmations. As soon as her daughter woke up in the morning, this met her gaze:


Little ears are listening, watch what you say. Little eyes are watching, be careful what you do. We represent everything good and safe in this world to them. We are their mother. They love us unconditionally. Lets start to love ourselves unconditionally.

This is the tightrope that Cassie walks.

What tightrope do you walk?

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