It Takes A Village

Many have heard the quote “it takes a village”, made famous by Hillary Clinton. The idea behind the quote is that it takes multiple people to successfully accomplish something. It is easier to raise a child when you have a strong support system behind you.

As a senior designer, Juliana is expected to travel for work. Her company has sent her to some of the most desirable locations around the world. Before she became a mom, she looked forward to packing her bags and taking a break away from reality. After she became a mom, traveling became a lot more complicated.

The prevalent idea of “mom guilt” is the not so new cloud hovering over the 2019 mother. It’s the idea that you can only be one type of mom to successfully and adequately parent, support, and raise your growing child. If you do things differently or that goes against the social norm, you are a bad mom. Or at least the hovering cloud makes you think you are.

Juliana leaves her husband and her daughter every couple of months for a few days while she travels for work. She relies on her husband to help care for the home while she is gone. While he works during the day, they have an amazing nanny that watches their daughter and is an extension of their parenting.

Born and raised in Brazil, Juliana feels cultural and societal pressure to play multiple roles as a mom. Leaving her family multiple times out of the year makes this extremely challenging. While she is on her work trips, she feels ashamed if she enjoys herself because her family was left behind. She pushes herself to promptly return from her trips with the goal of picking up right where she left off as a mom. The idea is easier said than done.

“Sleep is a commodity that I don’t have in my life.” –Juliana

Due to experiencing multiple time zones, jet lag is unavoidable when she returns from her business trips. She tries her best to make herself available during the days for her family, only to struggle with insomnia at night.

Because she travels so frequently, the months that she is able to stay at home are cherished. Her family of three travel together often and she enjoys being able to step away from her life as a professional. It takes a village to raise a child, and Juliana is extremely thankful for hers.

“There is still a long road ahead for me, both as a mother and a professional. But my husband is amazing and my kid makes me feel accomplished as a mom.” –Juliana

This is the tightrope Juliana walks.

What tightrope do you walk?

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