Blended Family

What is it with Disney’s notion that stepmothers are inherently evil? Cinderella comes to mind. Lady Tremaine forced her step child to scrub the floors and sleep next to the dirty fireplace with mice running around. Disney gave blended families such a bad wrap.

Dana was a single mom of two boys. Taking classes to get her Montessori certification, and working full time didn’t leave much room for dating. Dating with kids can be a delicate situation. Any guy that came into her life would have to love her children as their own. She started dating a man who also had a daughter that was around the same age as her boys. He turned out to be a perfect fit for her family and they decided to get married and merge their families together. After they got married, their family grew and they welcomed a baby boy.

Stepmothers have a thin tightrope that they walk. They have relationships that need to be built and nurtured with young children that are being thrown into a new family dynamic. They also have to try their best to maintain supportive and respectful (and sometimes civil) relationships with the biological mothers. The biological mothers also are being put in a new situation. It can be difficult to trust someone with your kids.

Unfortunately for Dana, the reality that is a blended family has faced many obstacles. Despite her efforts to have a relationship with her stepdaughter and her stepdaughter’s biological mother, too many opinions have muddied the waters between them. She feels that she is viewed as the “evil stepmother”.

While emotions are still raw, her stepdaughter chooses to reside with her biological mother. With their faith in God at the center, Dana and her husband focus their efforts on raising their sons and maintaining their household. They are a team.

With all the stress in their daily lives, they choose to make dinner a priority each night,

“I make sure that my family connects together around the dinner table nightly. Sometimes we may be missing someone, but dinner is our chance to catch up with our days, share our highs and lows, and just be together.” –Dana

Cooking nightly meals can be challenging. Especially when both parents work outside of the home. She strategically meal preps on the weekend for the following two weeks. She freezes the meals ahead of time so when she gets home from work, she already knows what she is going to throw in the oven. Meal planning and prepping allows her to be more present with her family each night because she doesn’t have to overthink what she is going to make for dinner.

This is the tightrope that Dana walks.

What tightrope do you walk?

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