Organic Beauty

A surfer girl year round, this mama shares her love for the ocean with her babies. There is something about being a mom that makes you want to be better for your kids. You constantly are trying your hardest to provide the best life for them. For Lauren, this meant adjusting her way of life and shopping clean.

Shopping clean doesn’t just mean buying organic foods. That’s only part of it. Lauren got the Think Dirty app on her phone and soon realized that some of the everyday products she used in her house were filled with toxins. Even the ones that claimed they were “natural”. She decided she had to be her own advocate and research what products were safe for her family.

This led her to start using and selling Crunchi. Crunchi is a skincare and beauty product line that is free of toxins and gentle on your skin. The world is slowly starting to become more aware of harsh chemicals and toxins found inside food and everyday products.

“I swapped out my makeup essentials for a product line that is truly toxin free, vegan/vegetarian, gluten and cruelty-free; consciously packaged; Leaping Bunny-certified; made with safe and certified organic ingredients; as well as USA-made! This company has set the new standard for high performance-clean beauty!” –Lauren

In America, the most noticeable step towards change and cleaner living is the demand for organic produce. The majority of grocery stores provide an “Organic” section. But shopping organic can be  expensive because it costs the farmer and manufacturer more money to produce it. Most will agree that that long term health benefits outweigh the costs. Lauren’s family sees their overall health and wellness as an investment and not an expense!

 Shopping clean extends all the way out to the type of shampoo you use or the type of deodorant you put on. Companies like “Honest” or “Babyganics” have become extremely popular in the mom world because they advertise a cleaner and safer way of life for the ones you care about the most. Your children.

Lauren wants educate other moms about the importance of shopping clean and how it has positively impacted her life and the lives of her children. She is able to watch her daughter play in her make up and not worry about synthetic colors or parabens coming in contact with her daughter’s skin.

We all want the best for our kids.

This is the tightrope that Lauren walks.

What tightrope do you walk?

If you are interested in changing your lifestyle for clean organic beauty products visit

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