When I think of Valerie, genuine is the word that comes to mind. I’ve known her for about 9 years now and we both have basically watched each other grow up. From being engaged, to getting married to having babies… we have both been around for it all. When I was getting married she was just in the beginning stages of being an entrepreneur.

I remember her driving up to my parent’s house and parking outside in her little red Bug. Life has changed so much since that cute little red Bug.

She started her own business called Brides Amore. A makeup and hair styling business that caters to not only wedding parties, but all women. She got into the business of making women look and feel beautiful for any occasion.

After her son was born, life completely changed for the better. With a little man as the main priority, Valerie was looking for a way to balance raising a child while continuing to maintain and run her own business. With her main passion continuing to make women feel beautiful and empowered, Valerie made the decision to put Brides Amore on hold and step into a new role. She runs her own business selling Monat, and has a team of beautiful women that she encourages and empowers each and everyday.

As an entrepreneur, Valerie is able to set her own hours and continue to put her family first. She focuses on natural organic healthy living and is always looking for new ways to keep her family healthy; especially during cold and flu season!

This is the tightrope that Valerie walks.

What tightrope do you walk?

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