What’s for Dinner?

As a mom, I find that I balance something different each day. But then you have those days, where nothing gets done because the only time you have to do it is nap time. When the toddler doesn’t nap, the plans change. So I’m currently typing this while my husband attempts to take over as P.E. coach by doing jumping jacks, push ups and laps outside in the hopes that my son will finally decide to sleep through the night. (What an awesome dad!!)

Today has been one of those days. The days where everything doesn’t seem to go as planned. When those days happen, my go to meal is pizza. Pizza just seems to make everything better. But not delivery or frozen pizza but fresh homemade Einkorn Pizza. I first learned about Einkorn flour when my family decided to cut out gluten and dairy from our diets (another post for another time).

Einkorn flour is filled with protein and vitamins and has an amazing texture that comes along with it. While it is not completely gluten free, it has a lower percentage of gluten and people who have issues digesting wheat and gluten have found they are able to digest it easier. (If you have a severe reaction to wheat and gluten I do not suggest this flour). This was the case for my family. Instead of buying gluten free products, I made all of our bread products from scratch.

Let me tell you there is nothing like taking a fresh ball of dough that has been rising for the last few hours and kneading it with your own hands. You know exactly what goes into it. No unnecessary ingredients. I purchased Carla Bartolucci’s book Einkorn. It is filled with tons of recipes from pizza dough to crackers. Check out Jovial Organic Einkorn Flour! It’s amazing! I go through about 3 bags a week! For people who are severely allergic to gluten, they have a gluten free flour also!

My child has never had so much as a goldfish because of this book. It saved our lives and our stomachs. It’s the perfect meal when you need a little pick me up.

We cheat once a week with organic cheese. We pick Organic Rumiano Mozzarella Cheese every time.

Happy Pizza Tuesday!

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