Surprise Blessings

Children are little blessings sent from above. Especially those that are God’s plan and not our own.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above.” -James 1:17 NIV

For Christin, two blessings turned into four unexpectedly. For her and her husband, shocked is probably an understatement. Can you imagine being in their shoes?

You had no intention of having any more kids. You already have two beautiful girls that are independent and strong. You realize you might be pregnant and go get and ultrasound. Your husband is holding your hand, and as soon as that probe touches your stomach two little sacks show up. Yep. Twins.

Trusting God to help them through the process, Christin and her family embraced the new journey they were about to go on. Now almost two years later, Christin and her husband have a house filled with little girls.

Since the twins were born, the days have become a blur. But with each new struggle that comes her way, her husband is a big help and support. He is a Captain in the United States Marines and just reached 15 years of service. The two of them have learned to balance four children and try their best to separate time for themselves to go on date nights to continue to keep their marriage strong.

The twins are approaching their first birthday and Christian is able to look back at the last two years and smile. She has been able to overcome and achieve so much in the last few years. One of which is tandem nursing. Her efforts paid off, and her and the twins are still going strong!

She feels extremely blessed to have gone through this experience and to have all four of her girls. Her house may feel like a circus most days, but each day she is able to let the small stuff go and cherish the memories that are being made with her family. This is the tightrope that Christin walks.

What tightrope do you walk?

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