A Mother Who Serves

I want to give a big shout out to all the women and men who have served or are continuing to serve in the military. We thank you for your courage and sacrifice!

It is more common for civilians to imagine a father being deployed and having to leave his wife and children behind. Many don’t realize that thousands of mothers are able to balance their family life and serve their country. Orders are usually given to active duty service women and men every 2-3 years, and deployment or family relocation has the potential to put stress on family life.

Alesa is the perfect example of this balancing act. She is a Veteran from the US Navy Reserves and the US Army Reserves. While she was successfully able to juggle active orders and caring for small children, it didn’t come without it’s own challenges. She is able to recall her daughters growing up and having to relocate and change schools multiple times.

She was deployed two times. Both times she was gone for a year.

Her husband is still on active duty and serves with the US Navy. During his deployments, she maintains the household by giving her children a sense of normalcy while their father is gone.

Now a mother of four, Alesa is focusing on getting her Master’s degree and working full time.

“The most important thing for a mother is finding time for herself. We often get so caught up in the caring and well-being of others that we forget we need to love and care for ourselves. Finding that proper balance with all that life gives us is key to our mental, spiritual, and emotional health. When you are able to care for yourself, everything else usually falls into place.” -Alesa

What Tightrope do you walk?

Happy Veterans Day!

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  1. Tiffany thank you for shining a light on different types of mothers. All love their children and are doing an excellent job.


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