Mammina (Little Mommy)

The concept of motherhood is valued in every culture. Each culture has a different endearing term for the word “mother.” But in Italian culture, becoming a mother is almost essential to every woman.

With culture and tradition being an extremely important part in the child rearing process, Italian mothers are able to balance their role extremely well. This Italian mamma lives life to the fullest in a house filled with boys.

She works in her local school district and sometimes has to travel for work. When she is away from her family, technology has helped her not miss out on important family moments. She is able to help her children with their homework and eat dinner with them all via FaceTime. (Thanks Apple!) Her husband supports her by caring for her children and the household while she is away.

A shout out to him and all the devoted men standing beside the women in their lives who make the commitment to work outside the home!!!!

This is Maria. She is a mamma that is able to balance working outside the home, while continuing to have an important presence in her family’s lives when she is away. When she is not traveling for work, her family has a steady routine each day. Every night before her boys go to bed, they bring out a board game. New traditions. New memories. New experiences. Same concept. This is the tightrope Maria walks.

What tightrope do you walk?

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