The Key To Survival

In my world, some weeks my family survives life taking unfolded clothes out of a laundry basket. There isn’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. Some days are pajama days and most days are “throw your hair in a messy bun- no make up” kinda days.

For Terha, her children come first. When you have three under three, the idea of getting anything done other than caring for your children can be daunting. Some weeks, she has days by herself without an extra pair of hands because her husband is a first responder. She runs her own business at and focuses on brightening up a persons event with beautiful hand picked flowers. She is a survivor. She is an entrepreneur.

With everything this mama has going on in her life, she strategically prioritizes her days so that she has at least fifteen minutes to herself of peace and quiet while her two twin boys and older toddler nap. Sometimes, inside the hectic chaos of “GO GO GO…” it’s important to stop and take a breath.

This is Terha. With all that she balances in her life, she makes a point to take in the precious moments she has with her boys. All of us moms know, it just goes by way too fast. Before she tucks her boys in bed each night, her family sits down and reads a few books together. This is the tightrope that Terha walks.

What tightrope do you walk?

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