Trusting The Process

A close friend of mine once gave me a magnet that said,

“Slow Down. Calm Down. Don’t Worry. Don’t Hurry. Trust The Process” -Alexandra Stoddard-

This is the quote that I thought of when I think about Jennifer. Being a stay at home mom is extremely rewarding. You are able to be your child’s teacher and grow and nurture the bond you have with them. They look up to you every morning and give you open mouth kisses, (which every parent knows is the best). Being a stay at home mom can also have its challenges. Especially, when you don’t live near family or friends. Human connection and adult interaction can be difficult for moms that stay at home with their children.

This is Jennifer. Each day, she trusts the process and the journey that she is on in a new city with her family of three. She is able to balance teaching her young son right from wrong and continuously steps out of her comfort zone with the hopes of meeting new moms and having play dates with them. This is the Tightrope Jennifer walks.

What Tightrope do you walk?

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